Our Mission

Remain the premier hub for home gardeners in Washington DC.

Our Vision

foster a competitive community of home gardeners in Washington DC, whose production of superior organic produce is unrivaled; this will inspire a shift in the health paradigm, redefining sustainable living for many.

is dedicated to sharing the joy superior organic produce has given us, with you!  Not corporate, but not stoners.

Master Gardener

After spending five years working in the DC Medical Marijuana Industry, I decided I'd rather use my skills and experience to help local home growers claim their stake in the cannabis industry. Through CGC I aim to make the world of home growing more accessible to the
people of Washington D.C., while also working to put our city on the map as one of the top sources of quality, organic, home grown cannabis.


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Ben Jordon


"My purpose is to provide others with the inspiration and resources to create beyond what is imagined possible. I founded CGC to be the spark that encourages home gardeners to take control of their health and live more sustainably.

Vice President


President of Philanthropy


We teach novice home gardeners our version of the no-till method, a organic way to cultivate superior produce indoors.  Empty calories?  Not found in our client's gardens.  Our method effectively replicates Mother Earth's natural system; this means that our clients grow in Miracle Soil without using synthetic chemicals.  Cannabis produced via this method naturally has access to the nutrients it requires and is unmatched in taste and effectiveness.  Purchase our Signature White Glove Service to learn the no-till method for a novice home gardener to learn the no-till method for cultivating cannabis most efficiently.