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LA Confidential x Purple Punch

Grown by Ben Jordon

in Miracle Soil, using

the no-till system we teach

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We deliver everything required to conduct a successful craft cannabis grow on your next attempt.

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  Equipment, tools, professional support, educational material & more

We trailblaze the shortest path to self-sufficiency with our White Glove Service

Join a competitive network of superior organic produce enthusiast.

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Round the clock text and video support anywhere in the country.

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Properly Plan for

Your Grow

An Initial Consultation is recommended for novice growers; it includes two custom blueprints, corresponding material list and more. 

Equip Your

Grow Space

Shop our store.  Equipment, tools, soil, you name it,

we source the best products in Washington DC.

Grow with

Professional Guidance

Master Growers provide clients around the clock support, education and guidance at every stage.

Enjoy the Fruits

of Your Labor!

There are few actions that are more rewarding.

Inspire your friends and family to grow their own! 

 Cost Analysis 

Click for Detailed Financial Analysis, surrounding a typical grow in DC 

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Benefits of Growing

Your Own Cannabis

Explore the advantages of being a self-sufficient craft grower