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An Initial Consultation is the first step for novice gardeners with serious aspirations to produce superior, organic cannabis.  After the Initial Consultation is conducted, clients receive an Initial Consultation Report, the most comprehensive plan available to novice home gardeners in Washington DC.

Purchase a Garden Kit

Efficiently Equip Your Home Garden


The Initial Consultation Report contains a link to purchase a Custom Garden Kit, tailored to the client's living situation and expectations.  In one delivery, receive all the essential products - equipment, tools, soil, seed, & more - that go into setting up and managing your home garden, at your front door.  

Purchase a Service Plan

Professional Guidance At Every Stage of Your Next Crop


Our team of Master Gardeners provide Service Plan clients comprehensive support tailored to the key stages of the plants life-cycle - from propagation to harvest/cure.  During this crop cycle, attain all of the know-how, educational material, and experience to independently cultivate a successful next crop.  Choose an in-person or remote plan.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor!

There are few endeavors more rewarding than consuming the superior, organic produce you cultivate on your own.  

LA Confidential x Purple Punch

Grown by Ben Jordon

in Miracle Soil, using

the no-till system we teach

Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis

Benefits of Growing

Your Own Cannabis

Explore the advantages of being a self-sufficient craft grower


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