Acquire the skills and knowledge to organically grow premium quality one grow cycle.

Your Journey Starts Here

Follow the four step process to become a self-sufficient grower

1) Initial Consultation

Prepare for your cannabis grow most efficiently.  Schedule an Initial Consultation prior to spending time and/or money on you grow.   Click here to learn more.

2) Purchase Supplies for Your Grow 

The client is responsible for purchasing material for their grow area. 

Capital Grow Co. will assemble your grow room for an additional fee.

3) Purchase a Service Plan

Through our Diamond Service and White Glove Service plans, clients receive comprehensive assistance through all stages of their grow.  Click here to learn more.

4) Enjoy!

Enjoy your organically-grown harvest alone or share with friends and family.  With the knowledge, skills, and experience acquired this harvest, clients are prepared to fly on their own for their next harvest.

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We only consult on i71 compliant grows in Washington DC.

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