The First Step For A Novice Home Gardner

Garden Kits

Contain all the products required to set-up and manage a successful home garden.

Bundle, save and receive all your home garden material in one delivery.

How it Works

Purchase Initial Consultation (Optional)

An Initial Consultation is the first step for a serious novice gardener; clients receive a professional plan containing two custom garden kits, tailored to the client's budget and space.

Order Your Garden Kit

Follow the link in your "Post Initial Consultation Report" or shop our store to purchase

your Garden Kit.  Your confirmation email will contain expected delivery date/time.

Receive Your Order

Your sales rep will confirm when your order is ready for delivery and reestablish the delivery date/time with you, so someone is home to receive your Garden Kit.

Install Your Garden Kit

Follow the instructions that come with your order to set-up your Garden Kit or, if you prefer, order

"Home Garden Installation" service and our Master Gardeners will install your garden kit for you.


Shop Our Cannabis Garden Kits

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All the supplies required to cultivate cannabis, from soil to lighting to fans and more, are included in our Grow Kits.  Select the size that fits your living space and budget and goals.  Want a custom grow kit, schedule an Initial Consultation today.  Grow Kits are dropped off with the client at a scheduled time agreed upon by the client.

For whom are Grow Kits tailored?

Grow Kits are tailored to serious novice craft cannabis growers in Washington DC.  These grow kits were created to eliminate the research and trial & error required to properly source the inputs that go into your grow.  Grow Kits are included in our White Glove Service, which is our comprehensive service tailored to novice growers.

How does delivery work?

We will deliver all the supplies included in your grow kit at one time.  Expect to receive your grow kit within 8 - 15 Business Days.  We will notify you via email with an ETA (date/time) for the delivery of your grow kit, 24 hours prior to delivering your package and again when the driver is enroute.

White Glove Service

Bundle and save. 


A Grow Kit is included with