The Initial Consultation

Professionally plan the set-up and management of your cannabis home garden.

A Novice Home Gardeners' First Step

How it Works

Purchase an Initial Consultation

Booking an Initial Consultation is the first step for a serious novice gardener and provides the surest and most efficient path to significant return on your investment.

Complete Questionnaire(s)

Complete the "Pre Initial Consultation Questionnaire" we email you, prior to your Initial Consultation. This is the only preparation required by you.  If you would like assistance selecting seeds/strain complete the "Seed Selection Questionnaire" we will also email you.

You're Equipped With A Professional Plan!

There's twenty-four hour turnaround from the end of the tour to when

you receive your Post Initial Consultation Report. 

Master Gardener Tours Residence

One of our professional will tour your residence to conduct analysis in preparation for your customized Post Initial Consultation Report.  Remote tours are available.

You're Equipped With A Professional Plan!

Expect 24-48 hour turnaround from the end of the tour to when

you receive your Post Initial Consultation Report. 

The Initial Consultation Report includes

Cost Analysis

We include cost analysis tailored to your expected yield, and consumption habits, so that you know the return you can expect  from your investment.  Our cost analysis clearly outlines your monetary & opportunity cost.

3 Yr. Plan

The Master Gardener will produce a GANT chart and explain the expected 3 year timeline.  Here we also identify areas to upgrade your home garden.

Material List, for Custom Garden Kits

Included are 2 Material Lists, each forming a Custom Garden Kit  Included is a link to purchase everything required for your Custom Garden Kit, with one click.  

Environmental Analysis

The Master Gardener provides analysis surrounding key elements of the clients' planned garden and garden environments (cost, light, air, temperature, water, electricity, sanitation, security, and more). 

2 Blueprints

We create a 3D Blueprint for each Custom Garden Kit.  Visualize your cannabis home garden from multiple viewpoints before you commit to it.

Educational Material

We provide educational material for every product included in each of your Custom Garden Kits.

Discounted Service Plan

Our Master Gardener identifies the key stages of your proposed next cannabis garden. 


Save $50 on White Glove Service and receive $100 cash back when you opt for the White Glove Service with Capital Grow Consulting, after receiving an initial consultation.

Client's presence is not required, but is recommended.  The consultant is happy to answer questions the client has during the 60 minute walk through.  Our consultant will need to access the residence at the time of the appointment.  Clients will be billed $100 if consultant cannot gain access to the residency within 30 minutes of the scheduled  consultation.  Clients are able to reschedule 24 hours in advance of their Initial Consultation at no cost.  Clients will be billed $50 for rescheduling less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. 


 Book Your Initial Consultation