The First Step for Novice Home Gardeners

Shop all the products, services and educational material required to cultivate superior, organic produce at home, on your own!

Top Shelf Bundle

is an all-inclusive package including an Initial Consultation, Garden Kit, and Service Plan.  This is everything a novice gardener requires to cultivate, superior organic cannabis at home, on their own.
Grow As a Pro, From the Get-Go.


LA Confidential x Purple Punch

Grown by Ben Jordon

in Miracle Soil, using

the no-till system we teach

With Our Signature

Top Shelf Bundle

You're on the fastest track to cultivating superior, organic produce, on your own.  It is easy as 1,2,3.

Initial Consultation

Service Plan


Garden Kit


How Our White Glove Service Works



Schedule An Initial Consultation


Professionally plan the set-up and management of your cannabis home garden.  

After completing the Initial Consultation, we provide clients with the Initial Consultation Report

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Purchase a Garden Kit


Simply source everything required - materials, supplies, seed, and soil - with one click.  The Initial Consultation Report includes a customized Garden Kit, tailored to you.  Receiving everything in one delivery.  

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Purchase a Service Plan

Begin growing with confidence, in less than 3 weeks.  As clients conduct their next crop, our Master Gardeners provide support at every step - from propagation to harveset/cure.

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Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor!

There are few endeavors more rewarding than consuming produce you cultivate.  Inspire your friends and family to grow their own!