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The First Step For A Novice Home Gardner

XY Testing

We take samples from your plant(s), deliver them to the lab and email you the sex of each plant.  Schedule service as early as 10 days after propagation.  Get those toxic males out ASAP.


As low as at $17.99 a test.  Included in White Glove Service

How it Works

Receive Your Proposal

We will select strains based of your response and email you proposals for sourcing seeds directly through Capital Grow Consulting.  

Place Your Order

Follow the appropriate link in the proposal to place your order. 

Confirm Delivery Date & Time

We will email you to confirm the delivery date and time you will receive the seeds. 

You will receive your seeds in 5 - 12 business days.

Receive Your Order

The seeds are delivered to your residence by a Capital Grow Consulting employee. 

We recommend that you are present to receive delivery